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About Pearl Bracelete

A pearl bracelet is a piece of jewelry that never goes out of fashion.  The classic look of a pearl bracelet placed on a female wrist has an eternal life in terms of fashion and trend, and is suitable for any appearance.

We offer an astonishing assortment of pearl bracelets in a variety of pearls colors and designs.   Along with a pearl bracelet made of one pearl, you will also find bracelets made of several pearl strands in several shades, pearl bracelets with several pearl strands or a bracelet made of one delicate strand.

All bracelets strung on double stranded specialty silk thread.   Multi strands (straps) pearl bracelets are spaced evenly with a gold pearl divider bar to add style and to hold the rows of pearls in place maximizing the impact of the design.  The standard length of the bracelet is usually 18-19 cm but you can increase or decrease it as needed.

All bracelets come with a 14kt. gold clasp, which adds refinement and ensures that the bracelet is safely secured on to your wrist.   A primum clasp without or with diamonds can be selected for extra sparkle.

If you have something special in mind, I will be happy to help you design your own custom-made pearl bracelets.  Please call me at 1. 706. 346. 2001 or write to and we will be happy to help you design the bracelet of your desire