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Pearl Pendants
From your favorite t-shirts to business suits or evening dresses, there’s virtually no outfit out there that doesn’t look great when paired with a classic pearl pendant.

Pearl pendant necklaces are one of the most versatile and modern types of jewelry, and you can choose a chain of gold or silver color metal.   When you choose a pendant, the chain is as important as the pearl.  To create an harmonious piece of jewelry, always select a high-quality metal to complement the pendant setting.

We offer pearl pendants in an array of sizes and styles, from an unadorned single baroque pearl to pendants with intricate gold designs encrusted with diamonds.  These pendants aren’t only for women either.  A black Tahitian pearl on a leather or rubber rope is masculine and the perfect accessory for a man who dresses with style.

A Must-Have Styles of Pearl Necklaces

Pearl Choker
Every woman should own a pearl choker necklace. Our fashionable pearl necklaces are exceptional in their delicacy and grace and add  chic and sophistication touch to any look.

You can wear a choker pearl necklace to add a breathtaking effect to any off-the-shoulder dress or open-neck top in your wardrobe.  It is such an adaptable piece of jewelry that it even looks good with your jeans.

Our pearl necklaces features the traditional designs of single strand pearl necklaces along with our awe-inspiring modern pearl necklaces collection crafted in an astonishing assortment of natural colors and shapes.

All the pearls in the necklace are hand matched to perfection for color, size, luster and shape.  They are then strung and double-knotted between each pearl with the finest silk thread giving you a seamless strand of pearls.
To design your own dream pearl necklace please contact me at 1. 706. 346. 2001.

17” Choker Length
The pearl Choker necklace is a great choice for casual or business attire. It typically sits well below the neckline and is desired because of its versatility as a casual necklace, as well as a necklace for formal occasions.

Our pearl Choker necklace is made to a 16″ length so the choker will sit comfortably at the base of your neck.  For a custom length, please send us your neck measurements.  Simply use a tape measure to measure the base of your throat and allow two finger breathing space. If you aren’t sure, please call us at 1 706. 346. 2001 and we will help you.

18″ Princess Length
One of the most popular length selected by women today, the princess length is intended to sit at or right below the collar bone. Its length creates versatility and is well suited with a variety of women’s attire, including V-neck shirts and button-up blouses.

22″ Matinee Length
The pearl matinee necklace typically sits well below the neckline and is desired because of its versatility as a casual necklace, as well as a necklace for formal occasions.  The 20″ matinee length also goes well as a multi-layered necklace, with a shorter choker or princess length sitting above it.

36″ Opera Length
This pearl length is popular for its versatility as one long necklace or the ability to rap around a woman’s neck twice, creating a double strand of pearls. This necklace length is also very suitable for layering and its ability to be appropriate in both casual and formal settings.

52″ Rope Length
A necklace any longer than Opera Length is typically considered a “pearl rope” and can be designed to create maximum versatility for the wearer, such as one long necklace, two layered necklaces, or three shorter necklaces when wrapped around the neck multiple times. 51″ Rope Length necklace often strung without a clasp because they are long enough to fit over your head easily, and women prefer a magnificent uninterrupted strand of pearls.

The 100-Inch Endless Pearl Rope – Layers of Lustrous Luxury
One hundred inches of elegance, the “Endless” Pearl Rope is one of my absolute favorite necklace lengths.  If you love pearls – looking at them, playing with them, wearing them – this is the necklace for you.  Called the “endless” because of the endless ways to wear it, a 100-Inch Pearl Rope can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled, knotted, double-knotted, draped down the back and more.

Popularized by HBO’s smashing success, Sex In the City, Sarah Jessica Parker’s killer Pearl Rope look instantly put these stunning strands back on the map for pearl fashionistas, and modernized pearl necklaces for new generations. Totally unforgettable, the 100-Inch Pearl Rope is a masterpiece in affordable luxury.