Pearl Guide

About South Sea Pearls

South Sea Cultured pearls are considered the most exclusive and coveted of all cultured pearl varieties.  They are exceptionally high-quality pearls and are the rarest and most extraordinary quality pearls found in fine jewelry.  They have been prized for their rare natural color ranging from white or cream or champagne hues to silvery or golden tones.  These pearls come from the literal “South Seas” – the geographic area of the Pacific Ocean south of the equator, near countries like Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. South Sea pearls are an iconic symbol of status and sophistication.

South Sea pearl harvesting  is a long, tedious process.  These natural pearls can take 2-3 years to form within their oysters.  However, this time frame of progress is not in vain.  Nacre in the oysters takes time to develop into substantial outstanding layers.  Generally, the more layers of nacre secreted, the larger and shinier the pearl.