From generation to generation, pearls have been synonymous with classic beauty and elegance.  From mother to daughter, husband to wife, the world’s romance with pearls has been a constant, consuming passion.  Timeless and sensual, there is something about pearls that just automatically add glamour and opulence to an outfit.  Whatever the milestone, celebrating with pearls is the ultimate gift of love.

Presenting You with the Finest Quality Cultured Pearls 

Michaela offers a variety of unique pearl Jewelry including pearl necklaces, brooches, earrings, pearl anklets, pearl rings, charms and jewelry for babies and girls.  We use naturally cultured Freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls from the warm waters of Franch Polynesia, White South Sea pearls cultivated in the seas of Australia and the elusive Golden South Seas, the rarest of all pearls farmed mainly in the Philippines and Indonesia.

The cultured pearls we use to design our jewelry are authentic, natural cultured high-quality pearls that have grown in living mussels or oysters. Over the years we visited countless pearl farms and built-up personal relationships with many producers.  We attend pearl auctions at least once a year selecting our pearls from thousands of pearls we go through each year which on average are less than 20 percent of all the pearls we inspect.  We generally determine the quality of our pearls by color, smoothness of surface, shimmer (luster), nacre thickness and shape.   We ensure that every pearl in our jewelry creation meets the highest quality standards.  Meticulous construction techniques, premium materials and creative designs result in heirloom-quality pieces that can be handed down to future generations.

We follow the AAAA quality grading system, a metric pearl grading system that is most commonly accepted.  The A and AA grades represents the bottom 80% of pearl harvest and are not sold by us.

We are a friendly bunch of people who believe in courtesy and respect.  We understand that buying a piece of jewelry is a very personal choice requiring us to get to know our client’s preference. We treat every everyone with care and we believe that the only thing that will bring you back to our store is the manner we treat you.  We assure you that we will do everything humanly possible to make your experience a great one.  We look at it as a relationship, not a onetime gig.